Casino Edge and Probabilities: Choosing the Best-Paying Games

If you have ever played some variations of the roulette game or some other cards games, you might be led to believe that their odds are fixed in some way. This is true, but these odds are fixed if only you want them to be like that. In most of casino games you can influence the odds and house edge. Mastering counting techniques and other types of strategies that are used in different games you will employ towards ensuring that you lower the house advantage, and in this way making the chances to win bigger. When it comes to the roulette, the most paying in terms of the house odds against yours is the European roulette. This is because the European roulette has only one zero and it influence the chances you have directly.

Importance of Zero in Roulette

A zero provides the house with an edge over the player; this means that whatever you do, regardless of the result you get, the extra zero will always make the entire game worse for player. With the European roulette, the absence of an extra zero will mean that the house odds pitted against your will reduce to something below 2.8% thereby increasing your odds of winning. Take the case of the American roulettes for example. This variant has two zeroes. This consequently increases the house advantages double fold when pitted against those of the players. At any given time in the case of the American roulette, the house usually has an edge of more than 5.6%. This means that between the American and the European roulette, playing the American significantly reduces your advantage by close to 2%. This goes to show that choosing a roulette with one zero offers better advantages

Bets as a Way to Increase Odds

The second thing that you can do to increase your odds is to spread the wheel. When you spread the bets in the game you are ensuring that the probability for you striking a jackpot is increased tremendously. The best way to do this is to place close to six bets on the black positions and another six on the red positions. This is done whilst leaving a position between each bet. At this stage you have literally covered close to a third of the entire wheel while the spaces in between the bets leave a redundancy of the same size. The rest of the wheel takes up another a third thereby leveling out the odds. This way you will be able to ensure that with each drop, your chances of making winnings are increased.

Each of the roulette games have its attractive points and drawbacks. If you want to know which of the games is better for you, you should just try all of them. The best way to do that is to play games for free!

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