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For a gambler, one of the most assets that can mean the whole difference between winning and maintaining a loosing streak is knowledge or skills. As they say, knowledge is power and this is not different in the world of gambling. Gambling guides are of many forms and range from movies to books, magazines and many others. One of the best books on gambling that you should look for to boost your game is the Compleat Gamester, published first in 1674 by Charles Cotton. When this book was published first, gamblers came to the realization that mathematics can also help in making nearly perfect predictions in this game of chance. However, it wasn’t until decades later that a serious mathematical gambling print was made available in print.

The other book worthy looking for is the Scarne’s Complete Guide to gambling, published by John Scarne. Until he died, Scarne was regarded as an authority in the world of gambling and his book discusses in detail all the aspects of gambling that you can think of. Just like other ‘how to’ gambling guides, you will find the history of gambling, winning strategies and rules in this guide as well as some gambling mathematics. However, Scarne doesn’t just stop here as he also provides his readers with some cheating methods to help them along the way. Other books that are recognized as the best gambling guides include Roll the Bones written by David G. Schwartz; The Biggest Game in Town released by Al Alvarez and Lay the Favorite of Beth Raymer.

Gambling guides do not only come in form of magazines and books only as there are also some movies that are based on gambling as well. These gambling films aim at impacting skills to gambling fanatics in an entertaining way. These movies are a perfect combination of comedy, drama, action, thriller and suspense. The 1998 Rounders has been described by many to be the best gabling film of all time. This movie has an amazing script and cast and there is no doubt that every actor in the movie gave his or her best shot. Another great gambling movie is Owning Mahoney of 2003. This one is based actually on true story and there is no doubt that Philip Seyour Hoffman seems to have put in his best performance ever. The story of Mahowny in the movie led to the mandated shut down of all the Atlantic City casinos.

Other great gambling movies of all time that are a must watch include The Gambler, The Cooler, The Color of Money, Croupier, The Hustler, The Casino, The Sting, The Cincinnati Kid, Bookies, Vegas Vacation, Hard Eight, Let it Ride and California Split. While these gambling guides might not make you a casino star over night, watching and reading them is highly advisable. Great gamers have used these gambling guides as a source of useful strategies, tips and cheating tricks that have seen most of them scoop great winnings at the casinos.

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