Roulette History

History of Roulette

The game roulette is believed to have been influenced by such other games as Roly-Poly in Britain, Hoca and Biribi in Italy and some proto roulette played in the middle age France. Roulette as we know it today emerged in the 17th century in France. The term roulette is a French word meaning little ball.

roulette history

There was an early French fiction story called La Roulette, ou le Jour by Jacques Lablee featuring roulette in Palais Royal with two zero pockets comparable to the American version of roulette. The game roulette experienced tremendous growth in the 18th and 19th century but received a blow when in the 1860s the German government banned all casino games played for money in that country. This lead many would be players to Monaco at the Blanc's family casino which remained a legal casino in Europe for a long time.

The European roulette is believed to have its roots in Monaco and is a slight variation of the original French roulette. The differences are only in the design of roulette table and the fact that French roulette still uses sticks and stickman to announce the winner which is believed makes the game relatively slow. The European roulette features one zero pocket which makes it more advantageous to the player compared to the American roulette with two zero pockets. The two zero pockets roulette is also played in South America and the Caribbean.

Legendary Roots

Roulette is largely credited to Blaise Pascal, the French mathematician who did a lot of work on probability. Pascal is said to have built a wheel to demonstrate perpetual motion. Some sources attribute the development of roulette to Francois Blanc considered the grandfather of Monaco Casinos.

Roulette has grown to become a popular casino roulette game worldwide due to its simplicity and exciting features. All casinos in the world today feature a roulette table. The game is more accessible online today and can be played almost on any online casinos. The online casinos feature different varieties of roulette and have served to make the game even more popular. Roulette is today played in all parts of the world thanks to the online versions which have not only brought the game to everyone's door step but also provides prospective players with important opportunities to learn the game and practice on it. It can be a very interesting game if you learn to bet reasonably.

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The layout of roulette table is the main difference between roulette versions both in terms of table design and the number of zero pockets. read more...

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