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It is possible to play roulette online free by accessing the internet from anywhere around the world and have an opportunity to enjoy the game like those in real casinos. The internet casinos have made it possible to enjoy this game paying absolutely no money, so you may try to play it for free, taking it as a means of advertising the game to real casino players and to prospective roulette players. Their idea is to give players an opportunity to test the reality of the possibility to enjoy the game online with guarantee on quality and deposits plus the assurance that payout will actually be made if you win.

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Overhead costs are also low in internet roulette casinos which enable them to offer free games including roulette. There are many established online sites from where one can access and play roulette for free. Most of these sites offer a variety of casino games online and it only requires your decision on which game to play. The various versions of the games are explained including the rules governing each to make it as easy as possible to play and to encourage you to take on the real money games.

Roulette Payouts

Payouts on winning bets in roulette are structured in such a manner that the more difficult bets to win offer higher payouts while the more likelier bets to win promise lower payout ratios. It is a pure probability game and you can choose either to play the American version with 38 slots or the European version with 37 slots. In a game of probability the more the number of choices to bet on the more difficult it is to guess correctly and vice versa. The European version with 37 slots therefore greater opportunity for winning compared to the American version with 38 slots.

The probability of winning one number out of 37 or 38 is very low but if you do then you get a payout ratio of 35 to 1. You can improve your chances of winning by betting on splits and clusters which will reduce your payout ratio but offer you more realistic chances of winning a bet. Thus the payout ratio decreases gradually from a high of 35 to 1 to the lowest possible of 1 to 1 when you increase your chances of winning to a probability of nearly a half. With a bet on say even or red you put yourself in a situation of either a win or loss with relatively equal chances.

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The layout of roulette table is the main difference between roulette versions both in terms of table design and the number of zero pockets. read more...

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With the fast-growing popularity of the interent and online casinos, most players prefer gaming online. It is fast, safe, easy and what is more important, it is comfortable! Try playing roulette game and you will definitely enjoy it!