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Roulette 1.0

The sites offers best casino roulette games with 3D systems and good sound quality. It is easy to download and install into your computer and offers free games which provide you opportunity to practice and perfect your act before trying your hands on real money.

Roulette 4.3

This version is also very popular among gamblers so that is quite obvious that it can be found at any online casino. If you would like to try one of the most traditional games in the online gambling world, we recommend you to download Roulette 4.3. Great fun and pleasure are guaranteed.

Roulette Extreme 2.3.4

Downloaded roulette

Roulette Extreme enables you to design your own system of play and to test its functionality or suitability. It allows you to enjoy roulette versions existing today and gives an opportunity to create your own versions if you have the ingenuity. Roulette Extreme gives you valuable ideas on how to bet and when it is appropriate to quit the game. It provides with design and play ideas you can apply online or in real casinos.

The version is quite up to date and promises to make you a more professional and confident player.

Video Roulette 1.01

This version provides with more information about the various betting options available on playing roulette online. You can play for a straight bet in which case you bet on one particular number and if you win you are paid 35 times your bet plus your original bet.

You can also improve your chances of winning by splitting the bet into two, three, four five and six numbers in which case the respective payout structures also drop as you increase the split. You have the greatest chance of winning by betting on such common factors as either even or odd numbers, reds or black, high or low numbers in which case you have a near 50% probability of winning with a payout ratio of 1 to 1.

Free Roulette Premium 2.1

The version promises great graphics at the background which may make you forget you are playing a game online. It promises great rewards and makes the game look much easy to play. It may appear it is easy to win but the fact of the matter is that roulette is a game of chance and your winning chances very depend on the types of bet you opt for. The graphics are sensational and a good enticement to get you to play and to keep playing.

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The layout of roulette table is the main difference between roulette versions both in terms of table design and the number of zero pockets. read more...

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With the fast-growing popularity of the interent and online casinos, most players prefer gaming online. It is fast, safe, easy and what is more important, it is comfortable! Try playing roulette game and you will definitely enjoy it!