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Martingale Roulette Betting System

The Martingale betting system applies to even bets like black, even numbers and high or low numbers. The system applies to any of these bets and it does not matter which one you pick so long as you are consistent. Martingale system requires that you start your bets with a certain figure and every time you lose you double your bet while every time you win you go back to your original bet.

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Martingale system takes cognizance of the simple fact that you can not lose all your bets all time round in roulette. It therefore seeks to encourage you to attempt to recoup your losses and to let you have some profit by the time you leave the game. That is why if you win you are required to go back to your original bet meaning that even if you were to lose a second bet you still have your original amount. The system encourages you to change system after play certain bets for example change from colors to even numbers or high numbers hoping that you are winning in each of these instances.

The Martingale system is foul proof in theory in the sense that if you can afford to double your bets indefinitely each time you lose then you will certainly recoup your losses at one point with a little profit. But it is important to remember that in the gambling world there are certain limitations either on your side or on the side of the casino. On your side it is not possible to imagine that you can go to a casino with limitless money allowing you to double ad infinitum. On the side of the casino you will also find set maximum bets beyond which you are not permitted to bet. It means that in reality the Martingale works but to a very limited extent.

The Dopey Experiment in Roulette

A lawyer and Wall Street Journal Reporter Andres Martinez is the man who first described the Dopey experiment in his book "24/7: Living it Up and Doubling Down in the New Las Vegas." It does not promise to make you richer by the time you leave the casino but encourages you to have fun playing with real money at a roulette casino.

The experiment requires you to divide your bankroll into 35 units then pick your lucky number and aim to bet 35 times on the same number in 35 spins. Martinez saw that this could give you a sixty percent chance of winning. He explained that if you win, you can continue playing roulette the same betting style knowing too well you are playing with the casino's money.

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