Roulette and Craps vs Lottery and Bingo

These games are rather different from one another and technically speaking, the main differences between the various games are pretty obvious. The games use equipment that is completely different and even rules of the games are also different. However, these games also have some common things in the sense that the outcome of either of the games is dependent on both human factor and physics low. In roulette game for example, the dealer turns the wheel and the ball is run on track in opposite direction and the rest is simply physics. On the other hand, everything is pretty easier in craps, for example. The player in craps is referred to as the shooter and he throws a dice on the table in opposite end. The dice will fly via the air while being faced with a side and a table and will stop at a table in the end. All this is pure physics.

Human Factor in Roulette and Craps

The aspect of human factor in roulette appears through the dealer activities and they change in running the ball. The repetitiveness of the task in running the ball causes ‘muscle memory. Players of craps produce their body muscle memory deliberately and to achieve this, they train their bones to fold in a certain way so that they can throw the dice properly. As you can see, both craps and roulette acts on the physics law and the two processes are affected by the muscle memory developed by the players. While playing craps involves wagering on throwing two dice, roulette on the other hand involves numbers wagering 0- 36 through spinning the wheel.

Roulette, Bingo, and Lottery

Just like roulette and craps are similar in some way, bingo and lottery also have some aspect of commonness with one another. Both of these games involve numbers and both entirely rely on being lucky during the draw. Still, both bingo and lottery offer winners cash prizes. As a player, if your main objective is to win as much cash as you possibly can, then you should opt for lottery over bingo. However, bingo jackpots are also not to be overlooked as most winners have become millionaires through them but lottery winners become multi-millionaires.

However, if you decide to play lottery, you will have to deal with the fact that you must wait until the draw is done to determine the winner. On the other hand, bingo games are played more often and in fact, if you are an online player then you can always be assured of playing a bingo game anytime. Bingo also offers an additional advantage in the sense that player are able to interact more with one another than in lottery. In lottery, a player just needs to purchase a ticket and then just wait for the results. On the other hand, bingo enables a player to participate more and this makes the game more satisfying and enjoyable even if you are not lucky to win yourself a prize. All in all, whether you play roulette, craps, lottery or bingo, you will always have a chance of winning and you can always combine the four games for maximum fun.

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