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The policy of the company would be to respect its users' privacy. Therefore, the company will not share personal identification or information with third parties without the users' express permission. The company will never share personal individual information from registered users with any third parties outside for any purpose, either.


Registered users' statistics are aggregated by the company for nothing but statistical analysis, so they will only be shared with other third parties through aggregated forms. Information will not be sold by the company to third parties outside, either, and it will not release personal information to these third parties.


Everything on or "the company" - this would include but not be limited to images, text, designs, graphics, audio, software, logos, and such; otherwise known as "the materials" - happens to be completely protected by all international trademark and copyright laws. Therefore, none of the website's materials can be reproduced, copied, uploaded, republished, transmitted, distributed, or posted; disassembled, decompiled or reverse engineered without the company's permission. However, a single copy of these materials can be downloaded onto individual computers provided it is for non-commercial and personal use only and provided that all proprietary notices and copyright are kept intact. Any use or changes on these materials for other purposes would be considered a copyright, proprietary right and trademark violation to the company. So, remember: using these materials on other websites and networked computers would be prohibited if the company's written permission was not given.


If it chooses to, the company can post third party advertisements, material and various other materials for promotion on its website. Your dealings or correspondence with such parties would be solely between that party and you, though. This means that you would agree not to hold the company responsible for potential damages or losses incurred due to dealings with these parties or their mere presence. Plus, the company should not be held liable or responsible for the third party's conduct or statements on its website. When it comes to the products or services obtained or bought by the user from somebody outside of the company, the company will not warrant or represent any purposes involved with these products or services. Therefore, the company specifically disclaims all implied and expressed warranties and representations to these products and services, as well.

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